He Was Diagnosed With Cancer. You’ll Break Down in Tears When You See His Dog

Oregon-based photographer Ben Moon and his dog Denali were the best of friends ever since they met; more than 14 years. Ben and Denali shared a nomadic lifestyle and traveled all over the West together. Initially, Ben wasn’t even sure he wanted a dog, but the first time he saw Denali at a shelter, they instantly had a connection after which they were inseparable. Denali stayed with Ben through all the highs and lows. Ben says that Denali was a constant source of strength and support when he was diagnosed with Stage 3+ colorectal cancer in 2004.

With their combined spirit, Ben eventually recovered and the duo went back to their adventures. But a decade after Ben had been diagnosed with cancer; Denali began his own battle against the dreadful disease. It was getting clearer every day that Denali wouldn’t make it through this, so a friend decided to film their bond at their favorite place, the beach. The following footage is from that day at the beach and is now a short film called Denali. It is told from the dog’s point of view and it pays a special tribute to man and his best friend. The very next morning at the age of14 and a half, Denali passed away.

This movie has won a couple of awards, but Ben says he is more focused on sharing the story rather than winning awards. “I was hoping it would be able to touch those who didn’t even have a dog,” he says. Watch this heart touching love story of Ben and Denali in the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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