Girl’s Toys Kept Disappearing, So Parents Use Camera To Catch Bedtime Bandit

Having a sibling can be both a curse and a blessing. They can be your best friends, but they can also argue with you over the smallest things. As kids, you have to fight for your parents’ attention, shotguns during car rides or even argue over who gets to use the remote.

Despite being so annoying, they can also be your closest confidantes. If you had a sibling growing up, you probably know how you wanted exactly the same things as your brother or sister. If you didn’t get it, the two of you would fight and put your parents at wits end.

But it seems like the little kid in the video below doesn’t want to bother his parents. He decided to take matters into his own hands! Wait till you see the extent to where he goes to get what he wants.

According to Joann Moser, her two-year-old is a little bandit during bedtime. He is such a pro at it! He even picks the lock to his sister’s room to take her stuff! And he has the perfect tool to carry out his theft – fingernail clippers! When his parents realized his antics, they decided to capture it on tape. Wait till you see how this guy pulled it off.

He makes it look so easy! Now, this is what you call a smooth criminal!

Check out this amazing video below:

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