They Found a Casket From 1800s but When They Opened It, It’s Weirdly Beautiful

Once you leave this world, the family must make sure that the fallen soul rests for the remaining time being. Hence memorial service is a massive part of this process. But at times, even that becomes a tough job.

Such is the story of our darling Edith Howard Cook. Her body was discovered in San Francisco. And a year later, experts were able to find her identification. The toddler’s remains were perfectly preserved.

The little girl’s story is a sad one. Her death was a cause of undernutrition. Only at the early age of three, she lost her life. The situation dates back to the 1800s’. According to the predated information, her burial ground was changed due to some difficulties.
All the caskets were to be transferred to a different part of the town. This task was done early in the year. However, Edith was left behind. Though the explanation behind this error is still unexplained.

Garden of Innocence is the hero that took charge of the situation. They signed off the baby girl’s custody. Furthermore, they designed a handmade coffin and announcing another service to be held for her final funeral. We also get to witness a sketch of Late cook created by a graphic designer. Please share your blessing for the adorable kid in the feed.

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