Boaters Capture Remarkable Footage of a Mama Bear Swimming Her 3 Cubs Across a Lake

After giving birth, mothers have a whole new set of goals they have to fulfill—the training phase.

Dan and Nelda Powers were boating on Wisconsin’s Lake Chippewa with friends. Amid their tour, they saw a mama bear swimming with her three cubs. In the wild, animals have to learn every measure of survival. They have to fight and win for their food and lives. Therefore, the newly born start learning tricks and techniques from an early age.

Momma bear swims with three cubs on her back 0-7 screenshot

The family captures this magnificent scenery. The mother is paddling with her nose above the water level to breathe. When they reach the shore, they give one quick look. And towards the jungle. These kinds of beautiful stories make social media worthwhile. Please don’t forget to share your similar experience in the wild.

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