Bear Lost All Her Fur After Being Abused, And Her Story Is Breaking Everyone’s Hearts

Humans are supposed to be the smartest creatures in the world, but sometimes, they can do the most stupid things. For instance, in their greed, they are destroying the environment and everything in it. They have exploited animals in the wild for their personal benefit. Elephants are killed for their tusks, while rhinos for their horns. Other animals like lions and bears are even kept in inhumane conditions in circuses for entertainment purposes.

This story is about a bear named Cholita. This poor bear was severely abused by previous owners. She was so stressed out by her living conditions that all her fur fell off. Her fingers were also cut off and mutilated. Thankfully, Animal Defenders International came to the rescue. Cholita was taken far away from where she had been living. She was treated properly, while other people of the ADI were building a paradise for her.

Cholita was later released into a safe and natural captive habitat. She was finally free, and now she could do whatever she wanted. She is living out her life just like any retired person now, by eating, sleeping and exploring her environment more. She finally seems to be at peace. Things are looking up even more for her, as she also met her neighbors, Lucho and Sabina.

No animal should go through what this bear went through. Cholita was lucky to be saved by the ADI, but there are so many others like her who need help. If you don’t know how you can help such creatures, you can start by avoiding going to such circuses or places that display animals like that.

Check out her amazing rescue below:

[ytvid id=”9F5snjzEsFc”]

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