Everyone Was Having A Good Time At The Beach Until A Pack Of Bears Steps In!

This family was out enjoying the lake one fine day when they managed to capture something unbelievable on camera. They were at Lake Tahoe when a pack of bears emerged from the forest and decided to have some fun alongside them in the water.

According to sources, the bears in the clip have visited the beach before. But they usually came in the early morning hours or later in the evening when the crowds are thin. In the video, we can see the mother bear and her cubs play in the waves on the South Shore of Pope Beach. Operations manager at Tahoe Recreation, Doug Howard, says that the drought and hot weather may have sent the bears in search of a place to cool off and get something to drink. The pack headed back to the forest after playing in the lake for about 30 minutes. Wildlife staff arrived at the beach to ensure people stayed far enough from the animals.

Watch the video below:

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