Alaska Man Saves Bald Eagles from Drowning – This is Heartwarming

Nature is not always kind to all its creatures but and sometimes humans can step in and help. Here’s one such video that will leave you feeling good.

Dan Cole, who lives near Kachemak Bay, Alaska, was out walking near his pond when he spotted two bald eagles thrashing around in the water. After a little study, Dan figured out that one had buried its talons in the other’s thigh and they were stuck together. The couldn’t fly and were in danger of drowning.

Dan told his wife to get the camera so she could film his rescue effort.

Dan knew it wasn’t safe to just reach out and separate the birds using his hands–eagles could easily crush his bones in their talons or rip his arm open with their beaks. So he cuts a branch from a tree and uses it to separate the two birds.

Thanks to Dan for his ingenuity and thanks to his wife for filming it for us!

This is heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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