Baby Sees a Cat for the First Time, the Footage Captured is Going Viral

There is no doubt that pets bring a lot of joy to people. Moreover, science has evidence that interacting with our household animals can release chemicals in the brain that make us happy. And this baby surely felt it when she met the house cat. She can’t contain herself!

I’m sure that you remember your childhood pet, fondly. They are a blessing to have by your side when you are young. Not to mention the fact that these four-legged animals become your best pal! And the Merkley family were lucky to capture the budding friendship between their infant and their house cat.

baby and cat excitement

Before the cat is even brought to the front of the baby, she’s already starting to get excited. And when Mom brings the kitty, she can’t keep it together! Cooing and giggling, the baby girl can’t control her limbs. Meanwhile, the cat doesn’t show much interest even when it’s inside the crib. It walks right through the baby! But the little girl doesn’t mind. Furthermore, she wants more playtime with the fluffy feline.

Watch the adorable video below:

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