Baby Daughter Cry in School Tells Her Dad to Shut Up and Hug Her

On the first day of school, you are impatiently waiting at the gate to hear everything your child has accomplished. For instance, the new friends they have, the experiences they hold in their memory. Instead, to your surprise, they run to you, bulging their eyes out. The answer to this dreadful reaction is none other than bullying.

This kind of abuse or threat is deeply entrenching in our society. Besides, this affects everyone living creatures from a toddler to a fully grown being and even to animals. And the clip below will paint you the picture; a toddler is trying to express her defeat to her dad. However, she can barely speak whimpering throughout the video. The father then consoles his daughter with brave words and a warm hug.

Oppression is never an answer. Comment down if you agree to this statement if you don’t write your perception in the comment section.

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