Baby Loses Sneeze and Gets Annoyed- Wait for His Reaction

We’ve all been there. You wait for the sneeze to happen but end up disappointed. And the irritating feeling of something itching continues. And you just wait for the sneeze to happen for a long time… But nothing.

Sneeze is usually caused by irritation in the nose, mucus, hair or any irritants the body wants to expel explosively (or the nose) (hence the sneeze). To sneeze, you must inhale air, expand your lungs, and generally do the “ahhhhhhh…” part, but when the irritant is moved or dislodged from its location, the need and desire to sneeze disappears. As a result, there was no sneeze.


Considering his age, 3-week-old Daniel is already quite the noser. Since the day he was born, Daniel has made a cute cooling sound whenever he sneezes. Daniel’s mother sprinted to get her camera as soon as she heard the anticipation kick in. He didn’t turn into a sneeze as the excitement mounted, however. And the irate youngster was caught on camera.

Watch the full video here:

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