This Little Girl is Not Happy About Her Newborn Sister and She Shows It…

Sometimes when kids act up it’s a little bit funny and other times, it’s nothing but sad because you know it portends some bad times to come. Well here’s a video that’s one of the latter.

The girl in the video is a two-year-old named Piper. She recently gained a new sister, but she doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about it. She lets her family know that she is unhappy by throwing a tantrum. Her dad tries to ask her a little about her little sis, but the reaction he gets is not what one would expect.


It could be hard for children to accept and adapt to a new baby in their lives, but it is a parent’s responsibility to prepare them and handle situations like these if they arise. They should keep in mind not to force them to things they don’t want; it could lead to more resentment.

It looks as if Piper still needs sometime before she gets used to her new sister. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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