Steven Tyler Was Told Not to Sing About Jesus. But His Response Silenced Every Single One of Them

Steven Tyler has managed to win many people over with his incredible songs and rockstar appearance. Sometime back, he was in the limelight for converting from rock music to country music. In the following video, Tyler sings one of the most beloved and beautiful Christian hymns of all times. Wait till you see his stellar rendition.

When Tyler was invited up on the stage for his performance, no one in the audience probably guessed his song choice right. But when they heard him sing “Amazing Grace”, they were stunned and screaming for more. Steven Tyler along with Juliette Hamilton and an awesome orchestra made this song truly wonderful. One of the best versions out there for sure!

Watch their performance in the video below! Did you like their cover? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

[ytvid id =”Zjogu3Uk9Fs”]

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