Adults often underestimate children for their level of intelligence. They have such an incredible imagination power that grown-ups could learn a lot from them. And another thing they’re good at is learning. They catch details most adults miss.

When babies communicate, it is so adorable. But as adults, it’s hard for us to imagine the type of conversations they have. We mostly assume that they talk about toys or cartoons. So, when this 4-year-old kid sat down to have a chat with his baby brother, it was surprisingly amusing.

kid-gives advice to babybrother

In just four years, the boy has figured out a lot of things in his life. And now that he is an older brother, he is willing to pass down his knowledge to his baby brother. He talks about how his parents say no to almost everything. “If mom and dad say no, ask grandma,” says the little boy adding “Grandma always says yes.” He also tells his brother to hug his mother every day.

Furthermore, he has a lot of advice for his little brother. From understanding adults to eating vegetables, this boy knows it all. He even gives his little brother the “birds and the bees” talk. He kisses his brother on the forehead and promises to be always there for him.

WATCH the adorable video below.

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