Mechanic Finds 5 Gold Bars Worth $2M in Old Russian Tank He Bought on eBay

I’ve bought and sold a few things on eBay before and I can tell you, none of them contained a find like this. As a matter of fact, this is probably the ONLY find like this in eBay history!

Nick Mead is a mechanic and the owner of Tanks-alot, a tank salvage yard and erstwhile theme park where visitors can drive and climb around on real military tanks. So when he purchased an old Russian T69 tank that had been in the Iraqi Army, he was simply expecting to add to his collection.

“I saw it advertised on eBay, then on further investigation it also popped up on MilWeb, and it’s the last jewel in the crown of doing a new thing we’re calling ‘From Russia With Love’ ” said Nick. In other words, he bought it to be part of the tank-driving theme.

One of the other workers notified him they had found a secret hiding place on the tank–which in the past typically meant there were hidden guns and/or ammunition. Imagine Nick’s surprise when he stuck his hand in and pulled out a bar of solid gold.

The bars weighs 8 – 16lbs apiece. Giving a quick calculation, Mead mentioned that it has an estimated worth of $2 million. Mead surrendered the gold bars to the police. Not sure I would have done that!

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