Suzelle Poole is an inspirational story in herself. She followed her dreams with great passion. Usually, when people turn to their seventies, it’s time to enjoy resting and slow down a little. Not for our queen, at the age of 78, she is still teaching and practicing ballet.

During 2018, the graceful dancer took the stage and performed, which stole the heart of her both live audience and ones sitting at home. She is living proof of the saying, age is just a number.

Originally from London, she started dancing early in her childhood, at just seven years old. Eventually, becoming a professional ballet dancer, performing all over the globe. The lady, however, is still not ready to give up her trusty shoes yet. She still teaches at the Royale Ballet Dance Academy in Dallas, Texas.

She has successfully skilled in Dancing en pointe; an example is a video below. Even dancing on her toes, she looks like she is lighter than air. Furthermore, she performs in nursing homes too. Her faith lies in encouraging others to exercise. She added, “I’m fit, I take no medication, and I believe everyone would benefit from being exposed to ballet classes to their own level.” Watch as Suzelle shines gracefully in the spotlight. Please enjoy and do share your thoughts in the feed.

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