She Found This Poor Doggo Chained Up in Thunderstorm, Pay Attention to Her Rescue Trick

It feels like the very day you forget your umbrella is the day it is raining cats and dogs! When this happens, the only thing you can do is hope it stops raining by the time you have to go home. Moreover, soaking in rainwater is never a good idea because you can get sick. But for this soaking dog, it didn’t have a choice as someone cruelly tied it to a tree and abandoned it during a storm.

Casey Boatman noticed something strange outside when he went to shut his front windows during a severe thunderstorm in Denver, Colorado. There was a dog tied up to a tree trunk. This is quite dangerous! Because if lightning hits a treetop, it can travel and shock anything that’s in the near distance. But luckily, someone else had also seen the poor pooch.



Boatman’s neighbor came rushing out of the door when she spotted the wet dog. She tries untying the dog, but she can’t get the knot. Moreover, she looks here and there to see if anyone can help. But there is no one in the pouring rain. So, she runs back in and, in a matter of seconds, is back with a scissor! She is drenched by this time, but she quickly cuts the rope and takes the pooch inside her house. Watch the heroic video below:

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