These Twins Have a Secret Language That’s So Funny It Got Over 230M Views

Twins have long fascinated researchers and the general public alike with their unique bond and the possibility of developing a special language that only they can understand. Known as “cryptophasia” or “twin language,” it refers to a phenomenon where twins create and communicate in their own private language that is incomprehensible to others. While the existence and nature of this language have been subjects of debate, studies suggest that some twins do develop a form of exclusive communication.

Twin language typically emerges during the early language development stages when twins spend significant time together and interact intensely. It is believed that the closeness and shared experiences of twins, combined with their inherent ability to mimic and imitate each other, contribute to the development of a unique communication system. This language often consists of made-up words, gestures, and a distinct set of rules and patterns that only the twins understand.

For many twins, this special language serves as a means of fostering intimacy and strengthening their bond. It provides them with a sense of identity and exclusivity within their relationship. It is not uncommon for twins to use their private language to keep secrets, play games, or communicate more efficiently, especially in situations where they don’t want others to understand their conversations.

While cryptophasia is intriguing, it is important to note that not all twins develop a private language, and even among those who do, it tends to fade as they grow older and acquire language skills that align with the broader linguistic norms of their community. It certainly happened to these two–as they got older they could not tell their parents what they were talking about. But while it was happening, it was certainly hilarious! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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