20-year-old on a Mission to End Loneliness Gives the Seniors Their Best Day Ever

As a fellow member of society, we must look after our elderly. However, not many of us are living by this rule.

Nevertheless, this medical student is making a change. The 20-year-old Fraser is making an effort to end the loneliness of the senior citizens. In the clip, Mary, who is 89, and her friend Chris is going out for a ride. On top of that, it’s not an ordinary trip. They are touring in a rickshaw.


Initially, the young man attaches the safety belt to the ladies. After that, he asks for conformation, and then he pedals along the way. Mary even quotes “Sound of Music’s” lyrics as her feeling outdoors. The man has become an extension to the family. Oh, isn’t this just neat? Please share your thoughts on the video.

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