Toddler Talks Herself Out of Crying, Shows the Whole Internet How to Practice Self-care

Parenting is never simple; it has its ups and downs throughout life. Therefore, a child’s bringing shapes their personality.

Taking care of a young toddler is much more robust than we anticipate, as they have little to no control towards their surroundings. Few things tend to upset them and fill with doubts. In the clip below, a baby girl is crying after hitting her hand in the door. Usually, their mom kisses the bobo, and it all goes away. But this parent takes it up a notch.

child selfcare

The mother makes her adorable girl repeat a few words after her. This act is simple, to make the baby worthy and not let her mishaps impact her growth. The loveliest sweetheart, utters the empowering words. For instance, her mommy makes her say she is worthy. It might as well be just a word; however, the kid will use this tactic in her life. Therefore, she will make decisions that meet her value. Please don’t forget to shower this genius with your kind words.

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