Toddlers never shy out to speak their minds. They don’t care much about what people think, which makes them honest individuals. We have witnessed these straightforward answers and behaviors quite a few times on the internet.

Recently, a South Carolina kid went viral for speaking her heart out. Sophia Benner, the two-year-old girl, is on her first potty training session. Hence, the mother and daughter agreed upon a deal. If Sophia goes on a whole month without any accidents or diapers. The daughter can pick any price she wants.


As a potty training reward, both went to the target. Sophia happily picked out a toy that shares a similar career path. At the checkout counter, the cashier assumed she was buying it as a gift. Brandi Benner, the mother, was quick to correct the employee.

The employee then asked the little girl if she was sure to get the doll. Furthermore, she assured her they had other dolls who resembled Sophia. The toddlers responded with brilliance, “She looks just like me. We both are doctors. I’m a pretty girl, and she’s a pretty girl. See her lovely hair? This answer was enough for the Target worker to drop the topic. Brandi, surprised and ecstatic with her daughter, shared the post on Facebook detailing the event. Please press play and watch the whole story. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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