Mom Films 3-Year-Old Sitting On A Horse, But When They Turn Around, I Never Expected THIS!

It is not easy for us to imagine a little kid riding a horse. Horses are definitely not the kindest animals.

Well, they are kind only if you are able to handle them well. And, many parents tend to keep their kids away from horses until they are sure that the kid is able to handle the horse well enough to stay safe. However, this horse is not very big and the rider is not a big person either. In fact, she is just a little toddler.

Yes, Skye is the rider and she is 3 years old only. The Shetland horse is just as tiny and is very supportive of the kid’s efforts to be a good horse rider. You will also be shocked at how the little person is so composed and confident about riding something that even adults hold back from.

This is amazing. Watch the full video below!

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