Tiny Karate Student Couldn’t Break the Board – So She Outsmarts It!

We’ve all seen the karate masters break boards, blocks and other objects in feats of skill and strength. But here’s a clip that shows a tiny student of about three years old in what has to be the funniest karate display you’ve ever seen

This young girl understands she’s supposed to do what her instructor tells her too, but she appears to take the commands a little bit too literally. When she finally understands she’s supposed to try to break the board, it looks like she doesn’t have quite enough weight to generate the necessary force.

But she never stops listening to the instructor and never gives up on her quest. In the end, she figures out an ingenious way to get it done. You’ll absolutely love it!

Watch the full video below and tell us if you think she overpowered the board or just outsmarted it!

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