Poor dog was trapped inside a buring house. No one helped until this stranger showed up

Tim Tawater was on his way to a party when he saw smoke coming from a stranger’s house. Being a veteran Nashville firefighter, he knew he couldn’t pass by without doing anything to help. Therefore, he stopped his vehicle to check the situation out. Tim was on the scene before the first responders. However, he didn’t find any people inside.

But as he came back out, he spotted a dog standing by the door. Tim went closer to the pooch, but the dog ran back inside. So Tim had to go back into the house to bring the dog back to safety. The family found Tim and thanked him for saving their dog. What this wonderful man did deserves nothing but praise. He says firefighters don’t do their jobs for any other reason but to help other people. There were three cats in the house as well; sadly, one of them is missing.

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