Dancing is an entertaining skill that comes easy to some, while others have to pour their soul and hard work into learning a single style. Like food and music, dance also has been an integral part of our culture.

Dating way back in time, the dance form has passed the test of time, with classics that we go back to time and again. Although many styles are pretty different than they used to be. We can still notice the hints of age-old formats in the modern dance style. Regardless of its originality, some artful dance moves never leave their imprint. Take the Jerry Lewis (R.I.P), jitterbug for instance.

The man was a comedic genius, but back then, having a single talent didn’t cut it. In the early 50s movie, “Living it Up,” Jerry Lewis combines his knack for comedy with another one of his skill, Jitterbug. Those who have watched the movie need no introduction to the style. Yet, for anyone who isn’t aware, Jitterbug gained its popularity after looming on  African American juke joints and dance halls (Savoy Ballroom). The swing style takes its cues from Carolina Shag, east coast swing, charleston not to forget the Lindy hop.

Please press play and enjoy this energetic swing dance form.

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