Elderly Elephant Visits This Spot Every Day for 3 Weeks His Reason is Heartbreaking

Elephants are known to be one of the most intelligent and social creatures on earth. They are not only capable of forming a deep bond with the members of their herds, but they can also be friends with just about anyone!

This elephant from Tennessee’s Elephant Sanctuary has become widely popular for befriending a pooch. She is an Asian elephant and she is called Tarra. Tarra’s best friend was named Bella. The pooch showed up at the sanctuary one day and they were inseparable ever since. They did everything together despite their obvious differences. They had been friends for nearly 10 years when Bella suffered a terrible back injury. She was kept indoors in the sanctuary’s office, but during those three weeks, Tarra made sure to visit the dog every single day. She stood right near the office every time. The video below shows a heartwarming moment where she gets to meet her friend again. Sadly, Bella passed away in 2011 and Tarra mourned for her. The other elephants stepped in to comfort her during a sad time.

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