2-Year-Old Saves Twin Brother From Fallen Dresser in A Hilarious Way Moment Caught on Camera

Whenever kids are left alone to wander, they do nothing but invite trouble. Things have been easier thanks to baby monitors and cams that parents set to watch on their little ones like a hawk. However, at times despite all the technology, unfortunate events take place.

Similar to the clip featuring below. Initially, the two brothers are enjoying their adventure in the bedroom. When one of them decides to climb on the top of the drawer. His height restricts him from making any such moves. Meanwhile, his brother comes up with a solution.

It seems as if they are trying to build up a ladder by opening the tiny drawers. Nevertheless, the plan backfires the moment the small brother sets into action. Within seconds the drawer falls on one of the siblings. Trapped underneath it all, the small one cries for rescue. Fortunately, the drawer was empty, avoiding any major accident. Later than never, the big brother finds a way to help his little one.

Please press play and take a look at the scary moment. Spoiler alert: your heart will skip a beat.

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