German Shepherd Terrified of Wooden Floors Has a Hilarious Solution for Walking on It

Having a dog in your life can just make everything so much better. Of course, like any pet, getting a dog means having more responsibility on your plate. You need to treat them like you’d treat a family member. And till they become adults, dogs are almost the same as little kids! But the joy that they bring into your lives makes everything so worth it. They can make you laugh and make your forget your stress with their goofy behavior—just look at the pooch in the following video.

German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs on the planet. They are famous for their intelligence and obedient nature, making them the perfect dog to work with the military or police. They also make the best guard dogs. But even the fiercest German shepherds can have something that they are scared of. For the pooch in the following video, wooden floors are his Achilles heel!

It might sound weird, but this poor pooch is terrified of hard wood floors. He is so scared that even when mom calls him from the other room, he is just paralyzed by fear, grumbling to let her know he is not up to the task. She tries urging him many times, but only when dad accompanies him does he get the strength to go down the hall. Once he reaches the halfway point, he turns around and walks backward, with his rear end entering the room first! Now that is quite a unique way to deal with his fears!

Check out the full video below:

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