Before Fame: Here’s 1984 Home Video of Susan Boyle Singing ‘The Way We Were”

By now, Susan Boyle needs no introduction. She is one of the most surprising and well-known competitors on the hit talent show, Britain’s Got Talent. When she first came to audition, she didn’t quite fit the bill of a typical singer that the show wants. She was older, and everyone laughed at her for looking frumpy and messy. But she shut them all up with her stunning voice. She sounded like an angel, and everyone was left eating their words.

While she didn’t win that season of Britain’s Got Talent, she did go on to be a household name and an absolute star. With a voice like that, she was bound to make it big someday. Now she’s won millions of hearts over the world. It took her years to reach the top, but her persistence and perseverance really paid off. The following video shows a rare glimpse into her past.

This rare footage is from a performance in 1984 and you can tell it wasn’t even taken with professional equipment. She performed this at Motherwell in North Lanarkshire, and even then, she had the making of a star.

Her voice was totally enchanting even in those days, and the audience really appreciated her as well. Perhaps nobody in the room had ever imagined they’d get to see such an intimate performance from a future star! The video itself might be a little fuzzy, but you have to admit that her voice was simply incredible! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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