This Pumpkin Carving Tutorial Will Give You A Spook With Its Unique Twist!

Halloween is a time of great fun! The spookiness is everywhere, with ghostly costumes and decor. The first things you think of when you think of Halloween are Costumes, Candy, and of course, Pumpkins! From pumpkin patches to the spiced lattes, pumpkins are everywhere in the fall. Competitions are also held around this time to see who can carve Halloween Pumpkins the best.

This video is a tutorial to carve a Halloween Pumpkin. But it’s not just any regular ‘scary’ pumpkin. It has a twist that most of you won’t see in carved pumpkins in people’s front porch. Woodworker, Rod Humphrey carved this piece. He usually makes wood carving videos on Youtube. But, for the special occasion of Halloween, he has taken it upon himself to make this monstrous creation.

pumpkin carving
What’s unique about this creation is that it has a brain! Humphrey has strategically placed another vegetable on top of the pumpkin. This makes the pumpkin different from others and gives it a more scary look.

Watch this fun and easy tutorial below:

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