Priest Takes the Stage to Sing “Everybody Hurts”. Seconds Later, Everyone Was Covered in Goosebumps

There are some exceptionally talented people in the world. In this video, a 64 yr-old priest steps in the stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ And the minute he starts singing, he blows everyone’s mind. His unique rendition of the song “Everybody Hurts” is genuinely extraordinary.

After years of serving the Lord, Father Kelly decides to follow his other aspirations in life. For example, his talent for singing! Although the Father was an authentic YouTube celebrity, the crowd was skeptical of his musical ability. But the moment he sang, he instantly stole the judges’ heart, especially Simon. His powerful voice brought a whole new meaning to the song, and it felt like a touch from heaven. It’s not every day that a contestant such as him step in the stage of BGT. The way he sang this emotional song will leave you in tears. And as we know, all the excellent music in the world makes us cry but in the right way.

Father Kelly is undoubtedly is fierce competition in this incredible talent show. His tap in a classical song is no doubt gorgeous to listen. We can’t wait for more of his soul-touching versions of classic hits! Also, he proves that your age shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your inner talent. Watch this video down below:

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