Theme parks are not being inclusive with plus size people-Plus-sized woman has some guide for you

This is one of the most amazing videos you will find on the Internet. The man was impressed with what this woman had to say.

There must always be a sense of inclusivity in what people do. You can’t just expect people to come to your business and increase your sales without them being happy about it. And yes amusement parks are in business and running because people come there to amuse themselves. Ruby is someone who raised her questions on the availability of seats for plus-size people and how many amusement parks fail to do seat tests. While many people have to go through a walk of shame when they cannot ride some ride, Ruby made sure to point it out in her Tiktok videos and the staff members were just as polite and supportive of what she had to question and say.

She raises her question as a “fat woman” that these amusement parks are not all that amusing for a plus-sized person. No doubt about that. So she posts a video with some guidance for all plus-sized people. One person said: “Thank you. I am terrified of going, queuing, then being turned away.” Another person commented: “Wish they could put test seats in a booth or something, not out in the open. I’d get so anxious having to do it in front of people.”

One person commented: “Thank you for normalizing this! No one should miss out because of the anxiety this creates.” Another person said, “Honestly thank you (so much) for this I feel a lot better.”

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