Mom Tapes $50 to UNO Card and Throws It on the Floor – Wait Till You See the Smart Reason

Mothers are simply one of the best teachers one could possibly have in their life. This is one of the most hilarious stories, though, that a mother might relate to.

Any mother would want their child to become a better and more responsible person. This mom is the same. Well, it is kinda sad how she was trying to help her children learn a lesson but she learned something else instead. This mom found a UNO card in the hallway and she filmed herself sticking a $50 bill to it.

Her intention was to reward whoever picks up the UNO card and acts responsibly. However, she was shocked to find the UNO card on the floor again. When she checked it to find the money, it was not there anymore. This is when she realized that the money was clearly gone to waste and one of her children took the money and did not clean.

This is hilarious and almost sad. Watch the full video below!

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