Here is the TRUTH About Why McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines are Always “Broken”

Everyone has been to McDonald’s at least once in their life. However, do you know the most problematic thing about the food chain?

Their ice cream machine! No matter what, you will always find it difficult to find ice cream at McDonald’s. It is not just a problem of a single outlet but so many outlets all around the world combined. But how is this possible? Also, why is this happening? Let’s just assume that things are not as complicated as it seems or maybe it is. We don’t know for a fact what it is that hampers the machine so much.

But, what we do know is that the machines are very complicated to fix when ruined or gotten old and they need to be fixed by special technicians especially those available for just the food chain. So where is the problem? It is in their marketing strategy. As much as we would like to believe it isn’t, we are also pretty much sure about the fact that it is.

What are your opinions on this? Watch the full video below!

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