This Man Captures a Terrifying Moment on Cruise Ship When Strong Winds Hit Ship

Nature is unpredictable. You never know what will happen in nature as there are many phenomena that are out of our control.

A ship cruise is not the safest place to be when the wind is blowing very hard. Weather complexities can cause great problems to the passengers as well as the sailor when they are on a journey. Things were all fun and games inside a Norwegian ship until a very strong gust of wind started blowing.

Passengers were quite scared and they started running here and there. A passenger managed to film a video of everything despite all the craziness inside the cruise. The cameraman seems a bit too unbothered which makes you think that everything is fine. But, it is a fact that everyone including the calm cameraman was at risk and everyone was panicking.

This video will really shock you. Watch the full video below!

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