Mama Bear Scolds Bear Cub for Peeking in House Window and the Video is Hilariously Relatable

Parenting is never easy, regardless of the species you belong to. In the clip featured below, you will get a chance to witness a mama bear disciplining its cub.

During one quiet night in North Carolina, Sumer heard the family dog barking downstairs. Hence, she ran down to check and encountered a baby bear peeking in through the door.


In the meantime, the mama bear climbed through the balcony. She even tried dragging the baby away; however, the stubborn cub was not ready to give up. So, with no further option, she used her mouth to pull the young one. Eventually, the offspring followed her mama. They went out of the family’s compound. Apparently, every family has that one kid, huh! I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please share your remarks.

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