Two Elite Athletes Face Off, Both to Honor Their Dads – Only One Can Win

We’ve all heard stories about athletes dedicating a game or a season to a loved one who is in trouble or sick or has maybe even passed on. Here’s a story about two teenagers who had made that dedication, their matchup, and the incredible tearjerker of an ending.

Mitchell McKee was a junior on the wrestling team at St. Michael Albertville High School in Minnesota. He was known as an elite athlete: as a junior he had already been offered a scholarship at the University of Minnesota.

Unfortunately, Mitchell’s dad was diagnosed with a rare, incurable form of cancer that year and so Mitchell dedicated his season to winning for his dad. He said he was afraid of losing in case it was the last match his dad ever saw.

In a different part of the state, Malik Stewart had also dedicated his wrestling season to his dad, who had died earlier that year of a sudden heart attack. Malik worked so hard he went from obscurity to the finals of the state championship, facing–of course–Mitchell.

The match itself was not as epic as the story of two wrestlers who had dedicated their season to their fathers. It was actually over reasonably quickly, in less than two minutes. But what happened next is what makes this an incredible story and led to one of the wrestlers being awarded one of the nine national Stan Musial awards for sportsmanship.

This video is so emotional. Watch the full video below!

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