Every Time He’s Touched, This Abused Dog Cries Out Of Fear

The following video went viral on the internet after it was posted on the 11th of November, 2015. The clip was taken at a Romanian animal shelter and it features an abused dog afraid of human touch. A woman named Monica Mitreanu rescued this poor pooch, but even though he was in finally in a safe place, he couldn’t help but feel scared. When Monica reached her hand out to lovingly pet him, the dog started crying uncontrollably, thinking she was going to hurt him.

The reaction of the dog is hard to watch, but Monica just didn’t give up on him. Even when he tried to bite her a few times, she tried her best to calm him down. Eventually, the dog allowed her to stroke his head. This was probably his first proper interaction with a human being. He was only 13 pounds at the time of his rescue, and it was obvious that he had been mistreated almost all his life. Since the initial heart-breaking video, Mitreanu has posted several other videos, showing the dog, now renamed Kayne (reported elsewhere as Priscilla), enjoying a lot of cuddles and looking much happier.

Kerry Wollacott, who works with a team of rescuers connected with the Breasta shelter, confirmed that the little pooch would stay in foster care until his confidence increases. She adds that Kayne has since been flown to a foster home overseas where he has been paired with a family: “I’m sure you all remember the now famous crying pup, his video was spread far and wide his scream tugging on everyone’s heart strings. Well here is little Kayne he’s just had a visit to the vets to have his vaccinations ready for him to leave Romania on the 17th Dec to start his new life in the UK.”

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