Farmer Sets Up a Camera in the Barn & Catches This – Over 10 Million People Love Him for It

The man in the video below is called Jay Lavery. Last year, he shared something amazing with millions of people on the internet. The video was actually meant just for his Facebook friends, but it became viral overnight.

Lavery is a farmer from New York. He posted the video of him dancing to Sia’s hit song, “Cheap Thrills” while cleaning up his barn.

The video went on to receive a massive response from the online community and it has been watched over 10 million times already.

It was not only his dance moves that caught people’s attention but also his touching story.

According to Lavery, he loves dancing, yoga, and meditation. This is how he dealt with the back injury he got 15 years ago. He says he hopes to inspire others going through the same thing by his dance.

This video managed to do just that. “We have the best community that you could ask for,” Lavery said. “I really lucked out.”

Lavery also hopes that the clip will help viewers to tune in to the farm’s mission, which is to bring about a more sustainable American food system.

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