Video Captures Huskies Fighting Like Human Siblings

Siblings don’t necessarily agree on all things. But it is equally fun to annoy each other. Laika and Mishka are two husky sisters who love talking to one another. They get along very well and even have a fun back-and-forth conversation. However, they do bump their head sometimes, and this hilarious video captures just that.

Laika is begging her sister Mishka to come and play with her. But Mishka is peacefully sleeping on the couch and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Their ‘argument’ quickly heats up with more howls as the sisters continue to contradict one another.

Eventually, Laika gives up because of Mishka’s relentless ‘No’s and ‘I don’t want to’s. Although Mishka managed to get her way today, it seems there are no hard feelings between the two sisters. Laika cries ‘I love you’ and Mishka slyly says ‘I know’ at the end of this video.

Don’t worry if your knowledge of the Husky language is a little weak. This video comes with full subtitles!

WATCH their hilarious argument here.

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