2 German Shepherds Try Their Best to Befriend Pup. Watch How They Are Extra Careful About Their Huge Size

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dogs out there. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs now, and each one specializes in one thing. They can be good companions, guard dogs or working dogs. But the German Shepherd is a very versatile breed that seems to tick every box on the list. They can be very protective, but they will also be your best friends. If they are socialized well, they can get along with almost anybody.

Sadly, there are many people who are dissuaded by the German Shepherd’s intimidating looks. They might look a little tough, but they can be the biggest sweethearts on the inside. You might have seen many videos on the internet that prove this fact. The following video shows a little clip of how gentle these dogs can really be. If you’re a dog person, you’re in for a treat!

These two giant German Shepherd dogs were playing with a chocolate Lab puppy. They were really curious about the pup, but they never show any sign of aggression. They don’t bully the pup at all! Meanwhile, the pup looks like he’s running the show. He “charges” at the bigger dogs, and surprisingly, they let him “win”. They pretend to be scared of the pup a little! Perhaps this really boosted the pup’s confidence!

Check out the full video below:

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