Florida Parents Raise 11-month-old Infant as Gender-neutral ‘theyby’

Raising kids is never an easy job, it takes alot of patience and energy. Parents come up with all sorts of, ideas, hacks to make the process fruitful. What to feed the kids, which products are complete no no?

Well these are general ways that every household is well aware. However, a new trend of raising gender-neutrals has polarized the viewers in internet. If you are unaware of the term, its basically being gender neutral. Instead of raising the kids by calling them he or she, parents call them either by name or pronouns “they”. The polygamous couple Ari Dennis and her two partners are raising their second child, “Sparrow” as a non-binary baby.

This controversial technique has caused the family to face huge backlash from the internet. Dennis states that she as received her fair share of death threats. Hazel the elder kid, a ten years of age is a Demigirl. That means there is a partly girl. By raising the kids in such new manner, the family is trying to enable the growth of their child. But the internet is not taking the whole style lightly.

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