Here’s Why Late Queen Elizabeth II Always Carried Her Purse Everywhere

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning royal in the whole world. Her legacy will forever remain in the hearts of many.

But have you ever wondered why this queen always has her purse around? She always makes a statement with a matching purse that matches her outfit and shoes at all times. But why does she do so? Well, there is a reason why she carries her purse everywhere. Besides just being able to look elegant, there is a deeper truth to it.

why queen carries her purse all the time

Here’s a practical explanation for this mysterious phenomenon: in her handbag, the Queen always has a pen, lipstick, a mirror, her reading glasses, and some mints. Quite necessary stuff to carry around we must admit. But, she also works as a social indicator that Her Majesty uses at different events and gatherings.

What do you think about this? Watch the full video below!

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