Gigantic Eagle Ray Jumps into Family’s Boat – This is Wild!

It’s not Jaws, but this video still might make you think twice about creatures you might encounter while boating in the ocean.

April Jones and her family were boating in the Gulf of Mexico just off Florida when a giant eagle ray jumped out of the water and into their boat. She was, “Very scared, very scared,” Jones told KNOE News. “Not only the fact that we have this wild creature in our boat, but we also couldn’t get her out, and the boat is not very big and she was weighing the back of the boat down.”

“It was scary. I thought it was a shark,” her husband Gunnar told CBC’s As It Happens. “I stared at it and kept screaming.” “We tried to use the end of the net for leverage to try and get her out (with no success). We could not get her out of the boat so there is NO way possible we could have got her in the boat,” April wrote on Facebook.

April joked to Fox News afterward, “Trying to explain to people, this is what happened like even when I went into the emergency room, I was like I know no one’s gonna believe me but I have pictures to show it.” Watch the full video below!

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