Mama Donkey Cries For People To Help Save Her Wounded Baby, Her Prayers Are Answered

Animal Aid Unlimited has been working for the welfare of animals in India, and they are doing such a wonderful job. They have made some of the most stunning and dramatic rescues, and they have documented them all. They try their best to help every animal they come across, no matter what kind of condition they might be in. By doing so, they’ve managed to help even the most helpless animals recover.

This video shows them rescuing a poor baby donkey. The donkey was bleeding profusely, and the local people had smeared the injured donkey with turmeric, as they believed that it would stop the bleeding. Sadly, the bleeding still continued. The Animal Aid Unlimited staff quickly carried the baby to the van. Her mama was worried, thinking they were taking the baby away from her. But they took her too.

The injured donkey was quickly washed, and that is when they discovered that she had over a dozen bite injuries. She must have been attacked by some street dogs. The mama donkey watched on—she seemed to sense that they were helping out her baby. By remaining calm and collected, these two certainly showed their best behavior. The donkeys stayed at the Animal Aid Unlimited premises until the baby’s wounds were totally healed.

The baby donkey was named Genevieve. After her wounds were healed, she became so perky and playful! Look at her trotting around the grounds with a spring in her step! Check out this amazing rescue below:

[ytvid id=”2nG6bx_Lrqo”]

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