Being a parent can be very tough. Many parents have a hard time handling a single child let alone five.

However, Chad Kempley knows what he is doing as a dad of seven. This man is truly a mastermind when it comes to parenting. Chad and his wife Amy have had several heartbreaking miscarriages in the past. This really broke the couple but they eventually got pregnant with two daughters. Life was even more kind to them as it blessed this couple with Quintuplets. Whatsoever, having Quintuplets was as tough as it was beautiful. Amy had to stay up all night.

The couple’s entire schedule was a mess. The chaos in the house-made Chad thinks of a creative solution to their problems. He decided to customize a chair each for all his five babies. The chair had a feeding bottle each connected to the top part of their chair. This hack has made the lives of this couple very easy and Amy does not have to struggle as much anymore.

Chad even shares his tips on his Youtube channel. Watch the full video below!

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