Dad Decides to Film Wife’s Water Birth. Captured Footage Will Make You Gasp in Astonishment

Most couples rush towards the hospital for the delivery, but not one! It’s a scary thought to give birth without the support of medical professionals. But this woman feels otherwise. She wants to give birth in a warm, cozy environment and the comfort of her own home. So, they opt for a home water birth option.

However, her journey wasn’t comfortable. She felt excruciating pain during her birthing process, and it was terrifying to look at the amount of pain she went through. But being surrounded by her loved ones gave her the utmost strength. The woman’s family hugged and caressed her with love and care. And it’s the most heart touching moment captured. Can you believe they welcome a new family member right in the living room? This precious childbirth will forever remain immortal.

The mother in the video experiences a strangely personal experience and bonding experience with her loved ones. And she feels a new kind of closeness towards her family. If you want an intimate experience of giving birth, you can try the water birth technique. You will have an entirely different bond with your child. Watch this video down below: 

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