Cat Attacks Christmas Tree, Thinks It’s a Giant Play Toy

Cats are known for messing up upholstered furniture and other cloth items, but here’s a cat that does something I’ve never seen before: attacks the entire Christmas tree.

Meet Marmalade, famed social media cat of YouTube channel Cole and Marmalade that has 1.4 million subscribers. Marmalade has decided the Christmas tree is one giant toy–he climbs it, tears the tinsel off, treats the ornaments like balls to be batted about. He even knocks the tree completely over!

According to the owner, this is actually a compilation video of about eight years worth of problems that Marmalade’s games have caused. They now have a giant flexible plastic sheet around the tree to keep him from messing it up.

Watch the full video below and leave a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought of Marmalade’s antics!

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