Rare Incident: $175,000 Came Flying Out Of Armored Truck, Only 7 People Return Their Collection

How many of us have imagined money falling from the sky and solving all our problems? I bet all of us have. However, dreams came true for the citizens of Dunwoody, Georgia, as cash came flying from the armored truck. According to reports about $175,000 came flying from the truck and people ran to make quick grabs.

Although money is the most crucial need of us humans, many citizens are diligent enough to return the money anywhere from $2100 to $1. Much of the fraction of money is still missing, but the police officers are realistic, and they know they will not get the money back. They cannot question the morals of people who found cash on the highway. But naturally, the right thing is to return the money.

Dunwoody Police Department is surprised by this rare incident and can only hope it does not happen in the future. It’s a massive loss to the state, but the people have no complaints as they are happy with cash in their pockets. Now we got proof that anything is possible in this world, our dreams may get answered.

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