Mom Tries to Teach Her Kids to Dive, but Their Antics Have the Whole Internet in Hysterics

There is nothing better than swimming on a hot summer day. Moreover, it’s like winning the lottery if you have a swimming pool in your back yard! Swimming can be an incredibly fun time to spend with your kids. But first, you have to teach them the basics. And this kid proves he’s a fast learner when Mom is giving a diving lesson!

Not all of us are natural swimmers. Some people have to learn techniques and practice until they get their strokes right. Moreover, this is also true in the case of diving. It isn’t just jumping into the pool! And this boy hilariously gives everyone a ‘how not to’ tutorial!

kid dives

Corina Casanova, like all responsible Mom, wants the best for her children. So, she is on a mission to teach her two boys how to dive into a swimming pool. Moreover, she lines them up and demonstrates the proper technique by springing her arms to the front. Although her older son isn’t perfect, he gets the concept and tries his best. Then comes the turn of the younger boy. Confidently, he stands on the edge and does the most spectacular belly flop ever! Watch the funny video below:

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