Woman’s Boyfriend Tries to Win Over Her Possessive Bird But He Is Not Having It

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Pet animals and birds can be very close to their owners. Sometimes, they can be just as possessive.

Dusty is a green cockatoo and he hates his owner’s boyfriend. The little bird just cannot stand the sight of this man. Although the poor man tries his best to win the pet bird’s heart, the bird just wants some alone time with his mom. Dusty probably thinks that his owner’s boyfriend is an intruder but this is really not the case. When the boyfriend tries to get Dusty to like him, he only fails.

Dusty is surely a sympathy seeker and even plays the victim card hilariously. The bird owner seems to enjoy all the fights and arguments that her boyfriend has with her pet bird. The harmless man cannot be blamed for his helplessness. However, Dusty cannot be blamed for wanting some privacy either.

This is one of the most hilarious things you will watch on the internet! Watch the full video below!

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